A la carte

Gunther's food is down to earth yet deftly executed to perfection with elegance and finesse

Colourful Collection of Grand Crus from Land and Sea

We are proud to present an array of the freshest and most seasonal produce

Light Bites

Fresh sweet tomato

Mare e Monti Salami platter

Iberico de Bellota ham platter

Roasted “Salcietta” Corsica smoked sausage

Oscietra Caviar Specials

30 grams Oscietra Caviar

50 grams Oscietra Caviar

100 grams Oscietra Caviar

Accompanied by Traditional garnish and homemade blini


Cold Angel hair pasta, truffle flavoured (supplement)

Black Truffle Collection 

Carpaccio of Miyazaki Wagyu ribeye, cannibale style on crispy potato, 5 grams of black truffle

Clear pot-au feu of chicken, 5 grams of black truffle

Gratinated macaroni, Parmigiano- Reggiano, 5 grams of black truffle

Warm uni in the shell, egg yolk, 5 grams of black truffle

Light smoked Free-range egg, 5 grams of black truffle

Gratinated Cevennes onions, tribute to L’Arpège, 5 grams of black truffle

Warm pasta, 5 grams of black truffle

Black truffle (per gram, supplement)

Our Timeless Collection

The Cold Angel hair pasta, 6 grams of Oscietra caviar *2005

Toro carpaccio or tartare, pilaf rice, 6 grams of Oscietra caviar

Crispy Free-range egg, pumpkin coulis, 6 grams of Oscietra caviar *2016

30 grams of Oscietra caviar, pilaf rice, lemon zest, olive oil

Oscietra caviar (per gram, supplement)

Carpaccio of Miyazaki Wagyu ribeye, cannibale style on crispy potato *2008

Fresh uni in the shell, light citrus dressing

Almond dusted grilled Foie Gras, orange sauce

Grilled Sumi squid, parsley, mild garlic

Braised scallop in the shell, consommé or garlic and golden butter

Frog legs meunière, herbs, mild garlic

Bonbon of Comté cheese, smoked Alsace bacon

Couscous of vegetables, semolina, huile Argan, Maghreb flavour

Warm Angel hair pasta, sakura ebi, mild chili flavour

Roasted Spanish Carabinero gambas, tomato infused rice

Smoked Alaskan king crab, bonbon Comté cheese *2017

Seared blackthroat seaperch, seasonal garnish

Roasted rack of Iberico pork, gratinated potato, seasonal garnish

Roasted Pyrenees milk fed baby lamb, gnocchi stuffed Comté cheese, seasonal garnish    

Côte de bœuf “flambé au cognac” black pepper sauce,

pomme gaufrettes (serves 2 persons)

Grilled entrecôte, mushrooms, red wine sauce, pomme gaufrettes

Roasted Suckling pig, Hibiscus sauce, confit of date, lemon (serves 2 persons) *2004

Seared smoked Miyazaki Wagyu tenderloin, roasted mushrooms

Our Savoury & Sweet Collection

French farm cheese collection 

Fine apple tart “aux dragées”, salted caramel, Havana rum raisin ice-cream *2006

Floating island of chocolate on coffee flavoured parfait

Crêpes, salted butter and brown sugar

Crêpes Suzette, flambé at the table

Weiss Acarigua 70% dark chocolate  fondant, vanilla ice-cream

Warm soufflé (Grand Marnier, Rum, vanilla, lemon or coconut with chocolate flavour)

Our Coffee Collection

French Coffee, Grand Marnier liqueur 

Irish Coffee, Irish whisky 

Cappuccino, white truffle scented 

*Year of creation by Chef Gunther Hubrechsen