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  • Claude Dozorme Oak box of 6 Le Thiers®️ Galuchat steak knives – is a stunning steak knives that will bring a touch of elegance to the dining table.


    Le Thiers®️ Galuchat steak knives set is the embodiment of French craftsmanship. The experts at Claude Dozorme produced these knives with a lot of passion. You can clearly see the handwork of the skilled craftsmen when you see the finishing of the knives.  


    Claude Dozorme pay homage to the capital of cutlery with this table knives and its particular design. The Thiers-shaped knives are manufactured only in the Thiers basin, according to very strict specifications using traditional and artisanal methods.


    The knives are forged with a very high-end steel X50CrMoV15 (contains 0.5% carbon , 0.15% chromium, 1% of molybdenum and vanadium), extremely sharp and easily resharpened thanks to the fine and regular grinding of its two sides.


    The blade of this steak knife is so smooth, so it does not tear the meat when cutting and allows clean and sharp cuts. 


    The handle is in shagreen leather,  a very delicate sophisticated rich texture.  The table knives are delivered in a beautiful varnished oak box which can be kept for the storage of your cutlery and also ideal as a gift.


    100% Made in France

    Claude Dozorne Oak Le Thiers®️ Galuchat Steak Knives - Box of 6

    • Not dishwasher safe. Softly wash the blade and dry it immediately. Never leave the knife into the water. 

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