Chef Gunther

At the age of 16, Chef Gunther Hubrechsen began his professional culinary training at the Bruges Culinary Institute Voor Voeding (IVV), Ter Groene Poorte in Belgium. As an advocate of 'natural cuisine', his unique style of cooking quickly push him up the ranks in renowned restaurants such as L'Arpège in Paris, where he worked under the mentorship of Chef Alain Passard, from Commis to Sous Chef de Cuisine within five years including 2 years under the Sous Chef position. In 2002, Chef Gunther arrived in Singapore for a stint with one of the renowned restaurant group before opening Gunther's Restaurant on 2 August 2007.

Chef Gunther Hubrechsen

Gunther's food is down-to-earth -  yet deftly executed to perfection with elegance and finesse. His gift lies in his ability to re-interpret classic dishes and flavours, breathing new life into them in terms of both taste and presentation. He devises unusual flavour combinations with delicate sensitivity, resulting in dishes that are pleasurable to eat, yet a novel to experience. Equally central to his culinary distinction is his passionate belief in plating each dish to heighten its visual appeal. The chef frames each of dishes with an artist's eye and constantly aims to fashion gastronomic works of art that please both eye and palate.

Gunther's won the Best Dinner Experience 2018 by The G Restaurant Award and three stars and silver wine list award in Singapore’s Top Restaurants 2018/19

The Restaurant

Gunther’s eponymous restaurant has always strived to provide guests with a unique experience of luxury and quality. His cooking style is one of French opulence, rooted in elegant simplicity. The restaurant’s design is a contemporary interpretation of The Art Nouveau, an international style of art that began in Europe, precisely in Belgium the birthplace of Chef Gunther, in the early twentieth century.  The style is open, curvilinear and asymmetrical. Weijenberg spatially interpreted this ethos, crafting contemporary delicate whiplash curved wood features for the interior. The simple and raw oak wooden finish exhibit the fine construction detail and layers of the wood element.  Art Nouveau motifs have a natural influence and are based on organic & raw material which bring intensity and continuity to the design, which as well the core of Gunther's cooking philosophy.

With a dedicated and capable team, Gunther leads the reigns to cater to every customer’s needs — from casual dinners to customised social and business events or gatherings. Everything from customised menu to wine pairings, butler services to tailored gifts can be arranged to guarantee our guests a memorable experience.

The restaurant shows high flexibility with its main dining room that can accommodate up to 25 customers and 2 private rooms with separate entrance for private parties from 2 up to 38 customers; simultaneously one can enjoy a great selection of Champagne on the comfortable sofa at the small but elegant bar.

Gunthers Restaurant

Our Partners

Since the opening of Gunther's in 2007, we are always looking for the finest products and artefacts so when it comes to finding the right partners, we are looking for companies which are not just sharing our philosophy but for people who deliver the best quality all over the year!


The interior pictures credit goes to Frank Pinckers and the food photography credit goes to Jambu Studio


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